Live life like there is a tomorrow — Love yourself every day

I just saw a tweet from my friend Kaia Tetlie, stating something that “Cant be said often enough”; Live your life like there is no tomorrow. Funny thing is that I’ve been thinking about that exact proverb on my current travel, it is something often linked to travel, and it is kind of how I prefer to travel as well. But I’ve concluded that its a badly formulated lifestyle “tip”. The deeper meaning is that you should make every day matter and dont hang around waiting for something to happen — make it happen, make it happen now!

Det kan aldri sies for ofte: Live life like there's no tomorrow.

But on most days for most of us there will be a tomorrow, and if you truly lived today like tomorrow would not come that means saying goodbye to making plans and doing anything that can be seen as worthwhile when viewed from the future. What I think you rather should do is Love yourself every day.

If you love yourself every day its likely you aren’t wasting your day away on something you dont find meaningful and worthy — then you wouldn’t love yourself that day! I also think it’s a lot easier to live up to loving yourself every day, I know that if I were truly living today as if there was no tomorrow then I would be burning the candle in both ends and in effect have a worthless tomorrow (NO way would I go to bed if there would be no tomorrow!).

So kids, love yourself every day, starting with today, what it takes for you to love yourself today is up to you to find out!