Hackers, makers and doers

Hackers, makers and doers

Hackers, makers and doers. These are the three kinds of people that makes this world an interesting place to be. We need to pay more hommage to the people that go into the world, day by day, and hacks it, makes it newer and does it better. If you are one of the amazing people that wake up and makes shit better then this is my salute to you! And if you don’t do this but feel like you should, then this is my call out to you to drop what you’re doing and get started!

I’m sitting in bed typing this after 3 great days at the WebRebels conference. I’ve been inspired by my peers, I’ve had fruitful discussions and I’ve learnt new shit. But most of all I’ve witnessed people that get up and put an honest attempt into improving something, and for me that has to be the true motivation behind every person that makes a difference in moving some part of our existence forward.

Theres a saying that “If you are the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”, a saying we all should try damn hard to make sure doesn’t become true. Hackers, makers and doers are people that helps prevent this. By seeing how someone makes some tiny part of the world better by sheer will, and some smarts, should serve as a slap in the face unless you are pulling your part.

By now you might think this has anything to do with programming or something geeky, well your damn wrong. Hacking, making and doing applies to everything! If you feel something is broken go out into the world and fix it!

If you are not a hacker, maker or doer, either become one or ensure you at least don’t ever stand in the way of one!