ElasticSearch PHP client 2.0, thoughts and changes

I discovered the Elasticsearch search engine very early in its life and ended up creating the first elasticsearch php client partially for fun and partially because I needed one. After the initial version and a little bit of updating its mostly remained untouched (apart from a few pull requests) due to the fact that I’ve not done anything with ES for a good while. But I’m now in the process of rewriting it to make a 2.0 version that I intend to support more actively. The project has 70 watchers and 14 forks at GitHub, showing that it deserves some of my attention!

The plans I have for a 2.0 release as of now is at least, but not limited to:

  • Support, and prefer, composer based install
  • PHP 5.3 and upwards only. Namespaced and following PSR-0 (this is required for composer anyway)
  • Make it even simpler to get started = more defaulting. To get up and running all you should need to do is Client::connection()->index($array) for naively getting started.
  • Make it easy to use analyzers and to create mappings
  • Stable base API
  • Possibly: Specific integration with Lithium models (PHP 5.4 only maybe with traits)

I’m writing this in case anyone want to voice their thoughts on any of the subjects, or about your current usage of the client (if you do). Feel free to use the github issues, twitter og comments here.